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I was forced to make this blog.
Fast + Fresh

Fast + Fresh is a 10 minute play competish in Australia and it’s really fun, we did it in class and we did pretty ok. We had an awesome concept and strong start, but the concept died somewhere around the middle, idk. I think it got repetitive and boring a bit. I stayed up till late o’clock at night writing a script so poop. One of my fellow actors helped me, but she got super nervous during tech run and wanted to drop out, but she didnt in the end (thank you for that, btdubs). and we did pretty good for remembering our lines and stuff. I’m pretty sure it was just that middle scene that let us down. I wish I worked on it more, but I also had another performance for Fast + Fresh with an out of school performance troupe. That one I thought was better, only cause it was funner, easier, and everyone was more enthusiastic which made it funner and easier, whereas the school one, like I said, my friend wanted to drop out, three out of six only got the lines on the day of the performance, a couple of people weren’t too fond with the idea. Just stressful. Glad we did it, but I’m also glad it’s over. Now I have another two drama assignments to worry about, oh joy. Just when I thought I could have a break, yah know? School is stressful. Stage theatre is stressful. The tech run guy said “Ok, this time, no scripts, let’s go.” And we had to improv our way through tech run. I’m pretty proud of my fast thinking moment of improv.

During the performance, we were all super nervous, but we all remembered our lines, excusing one bit at the start that was smoothed over with more improv. But the good thing was, the audience were really supportive and they laughed at every part they were meant to and when my fellow actor who forgot their lines, improved it over, the audience laughed in an assuring way, and she didnt forget her lines for the rest of the play.

thank heavens.

after our performance we stopped for mcdonalds so it was all good.

Drama Journal Week 3-4

For about two weeks worth of drama lessons, we just read Macbeth, wasn’t that exciting tbh. But it has some good things about it. Like idk. 

Advantages to reading the entire Tradegy of Macbeth in class include: I get to say “yo, I read a whole play one time. It was a Shakespeare”, it was fun at the start when we started reading it by acting out the scenes in weird ways, I can now laugh at Macbeth-related jokes and sound intellectual, I feel like I’ve been injected with culture.

Disadvantages to reading the entire Tradegy of Macbeth in class include: it used up so much class time, we sort of rushed it once we were out of Macbeth-scene-interpreting-games, the language was confusing at times, it was sort of a little bit kind of boring. Little bit.

Important Points of Macbeth: The prophecy, the murder of the king in an attempt to fulfill prophecy, the new prophecy, the new attempt to overrule new prophecy, the failure of the attempt to overrule the new prophecy, death of main character while he was attempting to overrule new prophecy.

And that’s it for week three and four.